Now we’re thinking with Portals

The first update to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, version 1.1, is now available for download from the app store.

There are a few bug fixes included in this release — if you saw any of these issues they should now be resolved:

  • When first adding a card to a new deck, you’d be prompted to pre-populate the deck with a full set of cards.   If you declined, the cards were added anyway.
  • The items on the right side of the Decks screen would align differently depending on whether there were cards in the deck or not.   Now all decks will align consistently, regardless of content.
  • When adding a new deck on the Decks screen, the newly-added deck would appear at the top of the list, rather than the bottom.

But the big change in 1.1 is that there is now an additional app function — the Portal Finder.

The Portal Finder is accessed by tapping the “Portals” icon on the tab bar at the bottom of the screen.   This will take you to a map of the Magic Kingdom.

A segmented control at the bottom of the map shows you the lands where portals are located; tapping on one of the segments will scroll and zoom the map to that land, and show you the portals located within that land.

Each portal is represented by a purple pin.    In the future, when game play features are added to the app, the portal where you are currently playing (or next playing if you are between game steps) will be indicated by a red pin.

Portal finder showing Main Street USA

Portal finder showing Main Street USA

When you tap any pin, a callout appears showing you the portal’s icon, name, and a brief description of where it is located.

Portals screen showing Frontierland and callout

Portals screen showing Frontierland and callout

Experienced SotMK players can easily move to portal from portal without ever consulting a map, but for novice players I hope the portal finder helps keep you on track as you move throughout the game.     Let me know what you think!

(And if any portal locations appear incorrect, please report those and we’ll adjust — I’ve used both on-site GPS measurements and measurements taken from Google Maps to try to get as close as possible to exact coordinates.   If you think a location is wrong, there are a couple of ways to send an update:   1) Using the ‘compass’ app on your iPhone or another app that shows GPS coordinates, get the precise location of the portal.   I’m trying to use the crest embedded in the pavement as the point of measurement.   2).   With the Sorcerer’s App on the portals screen, take a screenshot (Home + Power) that includes the mis-located pin and the blue user location, while you are standing at the correct portal location.    For this to be useful the map has to have located your fairly precisely — a single blue dot, as opposed to a blue dot with a circle around it indicating a margin of measurement error).

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2 Responses to Now we’re thinking with Portals

  1. Kevin hiemenz says:

    I can’t get rid of a card I have in the deck reprocicalforplay the album is not even there to be deleted

    • Mike says:

      I think if you ignore it, it will go away on its own — if not let me know and I’ll investigate further.
      When you are trading, we create a temporary deck and fill it with temporary cards. For example, if you have a deck called Play with 50 cards in it, we will create a temporary deck called ReciprocalForPlay that contains the 22 cards that are not in your play deck — the cards that you might want to trade for. (This really should be completely invisible behind the scenes, but since you’re seeing something related to it there is a bug that is allowing one or more cards to show). Once a trade is completed (or cancelled), the temporary reciprocal deck and all the cards should be deleted.

      There are a few points (such as during application launch) when we do this cleanup, in case the app crashes while trading, for example, and the cleanup doesn’t happen at the expected time. If you see the card continuing to hang around, let me know. I’ll be taking another look at our cleanup code to see if there is something I’ve missed that might allow these temporary cards to hang around longer than they should.

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