New Feature: Card Images

It was always my intention to include images of the cards in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice App.  But since the images are copyrighted by Disney, Apple’s app store review process initially rejected the app based on the inclusion of the images.  So the images were removed just prior to the initial 1.0 release of the app.

But I always thought the app was nicer with them, and after a user suggested that I allow users to add their own photos, I decided to put that capability in to the current release (2.3).

So, here are the changes in Version 2.3 to allow you to add card images:

  • The support of images is optional, and you can turn it off if it’s not a feature you want  (it’s initially ON).   A new ‘Settings’ tab has been added to the main tab bar, and if you select the settings page you’ll see the option “Show Card Photos”.   (Access to the About page is now via the Settings page rather than directly from the tab bar.

Settings Screen

  • When card photos is ON, you’ll see that the card detail page for each card has been slightly reformatted.   Next to the card number and name is a large gray button with the text “Add Card Image”.   If you’d like to add an image for the card, simply tap the button.

CardDetail with Add Button

  • You are then presented with a list of possible sources to add the image from:
    • “Download Image” is the easiest — it downloads the appropriate card image for the card you’re viewing directly from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice web site.
    • “Take Photo” allows you to take your own card photo of cards in your collection.   (Note:  This option only appears on devices with a camera — so not on an iPod Touch, and the screenshot below, since it was taken on a simulator and not an actual device, also doesn’t show the take photo option).
    • “Select from Library” – select from the photo library on your device
    • “Select from Album” – select from a photo album on your device
    • “Cancel” – don’t add a photo for this card.


  • Once you’ve added a card photo from the selected source, you’ll see it on the Card Detail screen as shown below.

CardDetail with image

  • If you tap the card image, you’ll be taken to a (nearly) full-screen view of the card image.
    • At the bottom of the image, tap ‘dismiss’ to go back to the card detail screen
    • If you don’t like the image, you can tap ‘Delete Image’ to remove it.

CardImage view

  • Finally, if you turn the ‘Show Card Photos’ setting OFF, you’ll be prompted to remove the images — if you are trying to free up space on your device this can free up the space used by card images.   (Downloaded images are about 800K each)
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2 Responses to New Feature: Card Images

  1. Chalanilg says:

    This app looks insanely useful, but I’m curious if it’s still being updated? It looks like there was regular update activity going on until late September and then stopped. :/

    Can you confirm whether or not this app is still under active development?

    • Mike says:

      Yes, the app is still being actively updated. Version 2.4 has been submitted to Apple and is awaiting approval — that could be showing up on the App Store any day.

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