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Q:  Why aren’t the card images included with the app?

A: Originally (the 1.0 version as submitted to the iTunes app store), the card images were included.   Apple felt distribution of these images, which are marked (c) Disney, infringed Disney’s copyright.   While the images are available in many locations on the web, and it appears Disney supports — or at least doesn’t object to — the vibrant fan community for the game,  it was necessary to remove the images to get approval to distribute the app.

Later, the restriction got even tighter, and I had to disable the image download feature in iPhone as well.

On Android, image downloads are still enabled, but I’ve refrained from bundling the images with the app.   I have reached out to Disney asking for clarification of their position on this — if they have no objection, then I’d like to start including the images with both Android and iOS versions of the app.

2 Responses to FAQ / Support

  1. Neil Danzig says:

    How soon will you build an app for Android phones since there are more non-Apple phones than there are Apple phones?

    • Mike says:

      I agree there’s a big market for Android; but the development skillset is quite a bit different and I really don’t have the background for it (at least at the moment). If I ever find a partner interested in working on an Android version that would be ideal, but so far I haven’t found anyone or had the time to learn it myself.

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