Version 2.0 is in the App Store now!

Version 2.0 of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice app is now available in Apple’s App Store.

I’m really excited to get Version 2 out … the game play features of this version are the features that I originally thought about while playing the game and were the motivation for creating the app in the first place.    I was on site play-testing the app earlier this month, and that led me to make a number of improvements in the overall flow of the gameplay portion of the app — I hope you’ll agree when you try out the new features.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in Version 2.

  • GamePlay – a series of screens walks you through the entire game flow, from choosing the keycard you’ll play with, through the land and portal selection, to picking cards to play against each villain or henchman.
  • The best cards to play against each villain will be recommended — considering the villain’s weakness, the cards you own, the strength levels of your cards, and what you’ve played in previous battle rounds against this villain.
  • The app will keep track of strength levels of your cards by asking you about the animations seen when you play each card.
  • The app keeps track of which story lines you’ve already completed, so you know how much more of the game you have left to conquer.
  • The app remembers the portal you’re headed to — great for when there are gaps between your playing sessions.
  • The portal finder has been enhanced with photos of each portal.
  • Social Media integration allows you to share your victories over Facebook and Twitter.   You can also tweet your trading location to help you locate other traders that might be near you in the park.

There are also some new things here on the blog — check out the new “How to Play SotMK” page, as well as the “Using the Sorcerer’s Apprentice App” page, for some in-depth information about the game and the app.

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Now we’re thinking with Portals

The first update to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, version 1.1, is now available for download from the app store.

There are a few bug fixes included in this release — if you saw any of these issues they should now be resolved:

  • When first adding a card to a new deck, you’d be prompted to pre-populate the deck with a full set of cards.   If you declined, the cards were added anyway.
  • The items on the right side of the Decks screen would align differently depending on whether there were cards in the deck or not.   Now all decks will align consistently, regardless of content.
  • When adding a new deck on the Decks screen, the newly-added deck would appear at the top of the list, rather than the bottom.

But the big change in 1.1 is that there is now an additional app function — the Portal Finder.

The Portal Finder is accessed by tapping the “Portals” icon on the tab bar at the bottom of the screen.   This will take you to a map of the Magic Kingdom.

A segmented control at the bottom of the map shows you the lands where portals are located; tapping on one of the segments will scroll and zoom the map to that land, and show you the portals located within that land.

Each portal is represented by a purple pin.    In the future, when game play features are added to the app, the portal where you are currently playing (or next playing if you are between game steps) will be indicated by a red pin.

Portal finder showing Main Street USA

Portal finder showing Main Street USA

When you tap any pin, a callout appears showing you the portal’s icon, name, and a brief description of where it is located.

Portals screen showing Frontierland and callout

Portals screen showing Frontierland and callout

Experienced SotMK players can easily move to portal from portal without ever consulting a map, but for novice players I hope the portal finder helps keep you on track as you move throughout the game.     Let me know what you think!

(And if any portal locations appear incorrect, please report those and we’ll adjust — I’ve used both on-site GPS measurements and measurements taken from Google Maps to try to get as close as possible to exact coordinates.   If you think a location is wrong, there are a couple of ways to send an update:   1) Using the ‘compass’ app on your iPhone or another app that shows GPS coordinates, get the precise location of the portal.   I’m trying to use the crest embedded in the pavement as the point of measurement.   2).   With the Sorcerer’s App on the portals screen, take a screenshot (Home + Power) that includes the mis-located pin and the blue user location, while you are standing at the correct portal location.    For this to be useful the map has to have located your fairly precisely — a single blue dot, as opposed to a blue dot with a circle around it indicating a margin of measurement error).

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The Story Behind the App …

Over on my personal blog, Epic Mikey, I have posted a 3-part series giving a bit of the history of how the idea and development of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice came to be.   It’s not something that will in any way make you a better SotMK player or cover any specific features of the app; but if you’re interested in a peek behind the curtain, head on over and check it out.

Part 1:  If at first you don’t succeed

Part 2: Finding Inspiration

Part 3:  An App is born

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We’re live!

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice version 1.0 is now on sale in the App Store!

Up til now it’s just been a few Beta testers visiting the site here, so I hope to see some new visitors now … feel free to ask questions, post comments, or just read the previous posts.

I’m hard at work on the next version, which will bring in a lot of game play capabilities (what cards to play against which villains for the best results).

Unfortunately there is no way to respond to reviews on the App Store, so this is the best place to put your feedback if you’d actually like a response … I looking forward to hearing from you!

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About Decks

When you first start exploring the Sorcerer’s App, one of the first concepts you encounter is the idea of a Deck.

A deck in the application may or may not correspond to how you physically organize your cards — you may keep them in a binder, or a deck box, or simply held by a rubber band.   You might keep all your cards together, or separate out your ‘unique’ cards from your duplicates (‘trade bait’).

In a newly-installed app, you will find there are two decks pre-created — reflecting a common way that you might organize your cards (but certainly not the only way).   You start out with a Play deck and a Trade deck.    As you acquire new cards — whether from free packs, booster packs, or trades — any cards that you don’t already have in your Play deck will be added there.   Any cards that are already in your Play deck will be added to your trading deck.

You aren’t forced to organize this way.   If you want everything kept together, you can delete one deck and use only one for play and trade.   Or maybe you want multiple play decks — perhaps as a family you want each kid to have their own set of cards.   Or, you’re a hard-core collector and want to keep separate the cards you get from Free packs from those than came from boosters.   (And maybe you’re even collecting the no-longer-produced Beta versions of the cards — although there aren’t any new ones being made, there is an active community of collectors trading them).

If you go through the Deck Setup screens, you’ll find that you can add and delete decks.   For each Deck, you can edit its attributes — rename it, or change its usage (Trade, Play, both or neither), and change the type of cards it can contain (Free, Booster, or Beta cards).   By default, a deck is Mixed and can contain any types of cards — if you want to keep card types separate, then you should create additional decks and set them to their specialized types.

Note that the order the decks are shown in the Decks screen is significant.  When you acquire new cards, the application will attempt to add cards to the decks in the order that they are shown on the Manage Decks screen.   For this reason you should always have your trading deck (or decks) last.    (When adding cards, you’ll be able to see the destination where the cards will be added, and change it — but if you have the decks ordered the way you want, you’ll find you won’t be spending as much time clicking around in the app changing the target deck, which leaves you more time to play the game and ride some rides).

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Introducing the Sorcerer’s Apprentice


This blog is for discussion of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice application for the iPhone.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a handy application that is designed to be used with the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game that is played at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

(Obligatory disclaimer:  neither the Sorcerer’s App or this blog are affiliated with the Walt Disney Company)

The Sorcerers the the Magic Kingdom game is played with collectible cards that are available only at the Magic Kingdom.  The collectible cards are available from two sources:  there are free packs of cards (each containing five cards) that are given out free, one pack per visitor per day, at the Fire Station on Main Street U.S.A or a secondary location in Liberty Square.   And then there are booster packs (each containing seven cards, one of which is an Ultra Rare “lightning bolt” card), which are sold at the Emporium on Main Street.

The first release of the Sorcerer’s App is focused on collecting these cards — keeping track of the cards you already have and the cards you still need to complete your collection.

Plans for future releases include features related to trading the cards with other players, and playing the game — but details of those features is going to have to wait.   For now, blog posts will concentrate on how to get the most out of the first release.

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