Version 2.3 Released

Version 2.3 of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is now available from the App Store

Features in this version:

  • Support for card images (take your own photos or download from our web site)
  • Added the 2014 Halloween Party Card (05/P – The Pirate Helmsman’s Bombardment)
  • Support for iOS 8.0

I don’t have the animation descriptions in place for the new holiday card but wanted to get this release out as soon as possible — if you have the card and can drop me descriptions of the new animations, I’ll get those into the app (hopefully around the same time we release the update for the 2014 Christmas Party card).

I’ll have a follow-up post soon about the newly-added support for card images in the game, which is the biggest change in 2.3.

Thank you for your continued support — now go Cast some Spells!

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