About Decks

When you first start exploring the Sorcerer’s App, one of the first concepts you encounter is the idea of a Deck.

A deck in the application may or may not correspond to how you physically organize your cards — you may keep them in a binder, or a deck box, or simply held by a rubber band.   You might keep all your cards together, or separate out your ‘unique’ cards from your duplicates (‘trade bait’).

In a newly-installed app, you will find there are two decks pre-created — reflecting a common way that you might organize your cards (but certainly not the only way).   You start out with a Play deck and a Trade deck.    As you acquire new cards — whether from free packs, booster packs, or trades — any cards that you don’t already have in your Play deck will be added there.   Any cards that are already in your Play deck will be added to your trading deck.

You aren’t forced to organize this way.   If you want everything kept together, you can delete one deck and use only one for play and trade.   Or maybe you want multiple play decks — perhaps as a family you want each kid to have their own set of cards.   Or, you’re a hard-core collector and want to keep separate the cards you get from Free packs from those than came from boosters.   (And maybe you’re even collecting the no-longer-produced Beta versions of the cards — although there aren’t any new ones being made, there is an active community of collectors trading them).

If you go through the Deck Setup screens, you’ll find that you can add and delete decks.   For each Deck, you can edit its attributes — rename it, or change its usage (Trade, Play, both or neither), and change the type of cards it can contain (Free, Booster, or Beta cards).   By default, a deck is Mixed and can contain any types of cards — if you want to keep card types separate, then you should create additional decks and set them to their specialized types.

Note that the order the decks are shown in the Decks screen is significant.  When you acquire new cards, the application will attempt to add cards to the decks in the order that they are shown on the Manage Decks screen.   For this reason you should always have your trading deck (or decks) last.    (When adding cards, you’ll be able to see the destination where the cards will be added, and change it — but if you have the decks ordered the way you want, you’ll find you won’t be spending as much time clicking around in the app changing the target deck, which leaves you more time to play the game and ride some rides).

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